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3, 2, 1 Blast Off, Undertand Books Connect App

Welcome On Board Yu Print It!

“The Eagle has landed.” – Neil Armstrong July 20,1969. Today will be remembered as “BOOKS CONNECT has landed”! YU PRINT IT, which is located in the commercial arcade of Curtin Uaniversity Guild has officially been selected as the first drop off/pick up point for BOOKS CONNECT. The students of Curtin University can now take advantage of our FREE BOOKS CONNECT app to help them sell, lease, buy and rent books and/or notes!

For those who are familiar with the Curtin University Bentley campus, YU PRINT IT is located at building 106A commercial arcade, which is in between the UniBank and STA Travel (If you aren’t, fear not, we have included a map below). We at BOOKS CONNECT especially love the fact that YU PRINT IT also happens to be near eateries on campus, so you can get everything you need to study!

So the next time you have a study sesh, pull over at the FREE visitors parking, pick up your books/notes and all the munchies you need before knuckling down to ACE that degree!