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How Books Connect Works

  • Our team is always looking out for you on Books Connect. If and when a user falls below the basic minimum stars rating, we will automatically remove that user to ensure a trustworthy and reliable community.
  • Discover a new universe of passive income &get access to a world of knowledge in the palm of your hand.
  • Fast sign up with your email or social media account all you need to do is simply upload books/notes that you would like to lease/sell.
  • Need to rent or buy books/notes? Easy! Navigate through our library for a selection of books and notes from other users and initiate a connection.
  • When a connection has taken place through the app, just drop off your item at one of our convenient locations for pick up by the other party.
  • When you’re done with your rental, drop it off and complete a final questionnaire on the item’s condition to make sure it’s a match and mission complete! Simple, easy and quick!
  • By partnering up with a safe on-campus drop-off/pick-up location you don’t have to pair up a time with a total stranger just to have a no-show or worse, have your own personal safety threatened

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Support & Downloads

Download the app now to start your Books Connect journey.


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