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Does Books Connect charge any fees?

It’s Free to upload books/notes and explore our library!

We only charge a commission of 10% for each successful transaction Payment fees are charged for all transactions which is typically 3- 5%. This is a small fee to cover our costs to bring you an easy to use and safe platform to exchange notes and books with your fellow Uni students.

What can I sell/lease?

You can sell or lease your physical copies of textbooks or notes. These must not be photocopies as this infringes on copyrights of publishers.

What are the types of notes I can sell/lease?

If you have completed a subject, you will be eligible to sell notes. Generally, notes should be of a format that can be understood by others. This means it should be structured by topics and have a content page and typed. It would also help to have a description of yourself and the notes you are selling/leasing to get more chances of a transaction.

What notes are not acceptable?

Photocopied lecture material and textbooks are not permitted as these infringe on copyrights. Essays and assignments are not permitted either as these constitute as plagiarism and do not assist in studying. Books Connect will remove such material and issue you with a warning and reserve the right to suspend your account.

What about past exams?

No, as the content belong to Universities and other educational institutions.

Can I put up my Notes/ Books on multiple sites?

Nope. For you to be able to provide all students with the ability to have quick and up to date access to your books/notes and prevent disappointment, they must be exclusively put up on Books Connect. It also allows us to maintain a community where every item on sale/lease is accessible and also keep our prices competitive.

How do I get paid?

Leasing: When the book/notes have been returned by the lessee, we shall make payment via PayPal to you within 3 to 5 business days.

Selling:  When the book/notes have been picked up by the purchaser, we shall make payment via PayPal to you within 3 to 5 business days.

What if my book/notes are damaged?

If books/notes are damaged, the deposit gets forfeited to value of the damage as per the questionnaires. That is to say if a book was leased at 10/10 and comes back 8/10, 20% of the deposit is forfeited from the Lessee and you will be paid 50% of that forfeited amount.

How much can I Sell my books for?

Generally, we believe that books should be sold between 40 – 50% for books typically older than a year. If you have books that are than a year, 60% – 70% is about right. Remember, we want to be able to help each other as well as yourself, so don’t be too greedy or people may find more value in buying new books instead.

How much can I Sell my Notes for?

Typically, Notes should be sold for between $30 – $40 depending on the content and length of them. We want to be able to help everyone, so we would want to make it more affordable than a private tutor!

How much can I lease my books for?

We reckon books should be leased at between $1 – $5 a day and $6 to $30 a week. Leasing should be more a short term access to books so should not equate to the cost of a whole new book after 2 weeks. Generally the total cost of the book should be from a rental of 6 weeks or more.

How much can I lease my notes for?

Notes have a longer shelf life for certain subjects as their content should not change every year, so they should be priced accordingly. $2 to $5 a week would be a good range.

What can I do with my leased notes?

Study them and use them for your course to gain a better understanding. Please do not reproduce or deface these notes as this would be unfair to the author who has put in the effort to give you access to their work.

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Support & Downloads

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