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You Will! This will become your new go to place for study materials. Books Connect makes education more affordable and accessible. It’s also a platform for users to sell or lease their books for some side $$ or buy or rent a book (because we know you’ll only use the books just before exams, so save the money from buying new books).

We know studying is a pain being penniless brings no gain, but with Books Connect, you can find your study aids, earn side income, and all this doesn’t take much of your time at all. Download Books Connect now on the App Store or Play store, join the future and don’t get left behind!

With our drop off/pick up locations you and home are safe

Using our customised pricing tool, you can choose your leasing prices by day(s), week(s) and month(s) and a quick sale price.

Why only use your notes once, share your intelligence and be rewarded.

Ever bought a book and realised you don’t need it or it’s just too hard to use in class? Well with try before you buy, you can rent a book for a week to see if it’s the perfect fit and choose if you want to stick with it.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Please view our video to allow a more concise understanding of our app. Questions? Please launch us an email at

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Support & Downloads

Download the app now to start your Books Connect journey.


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